“Your A Winner” – DON’T GET RIPPED OFF

fraudulent letter.

I received this letter in the mail today.  Wish it was real but a quick search on the claim number and winning number, found a lot of other people with similar letters with the same numbers.  These letters all had phone numbers in the 647 area code.

I work hard to make enough to fall short every month.  Some Criminal decides he is going to defraud me, I don’t think so.  I do my research.  The first thing that I noticed when I opened the letter and a check fell out is that the ink on the check looked smudged. Also the address on the check is not what I expect for a check from a US company.

I would have expected Milwaukee, WI 53201 to be on one line not spelled out over two lines. The final nail in what should be a happy letter is the fact they want me to call them to get instructions on how to send the “Govt.Service Tax and Insurance” by Western Union or Money Gram.  I am pretty sure that the money is with held by the people awarding the money also the taxes are much more than $2988.10.    The state taxes alone are $7500.00.  Also I am pretty sure that Western Union or Money Gram are not the way to pay your taxes. The Insurance part I just don’t understand. Insuring what, their life in case someone they ripped off finds them.

How this works.  You deposit the check and the bank credits it to your account in a couple of days, since it less than $5000.00.  You wire the money to them in Canada and then a few weeks later the bank removes the funds from the deposited check from your account,  because the check was bad.  You are now out the money you wired, in this case 2988.10 plus the bank charges for a returned check. You file a police report, but your money is gone for ever.

Save yourself the money and anger do not fall for this and tell everybody that these letters are out there and they are fakes. Let’s stop the person from making a living ripping us off.  The only thing that makes me smile about this is that it cost this person 1.03 to send this crap from Canada. 


Postage on Scam Letter


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I graduated from Southern Poly in Marietta in 1989 with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. I worked repairing industrial electronics and control systems for over 15 years. Started a document scanning company with a friend in 2006. With the continuing struggling economy my involvement ended with the closing of the Marietta location in 2013. Now I am back to repairing industrial drives.
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