Repair of a Channel Master D2A

After studying Amazon I picked this converter because the only negative review was over the interpretation of the description of what the unit was for.

Channel Master D2A

Channel Master D2A

It has worked well for years until it started to continuously reboot.  Rather than just replacing it I decided to attempt to repair the unit. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the unit and found a separate power supply with through hole components.



Not only was there a separate power supply board but the supplies are labeled at the connector.

Power supply voltages

Output Capacitors

I made some measurements and found the power supplies output high. I static checked the components in the output side of the power supply and decided I would take a chance and change all the caps on the output side.
C10, C11, C13-470uf @ 16v
C12=1000uf @ 10v
C7=220uf @ 25v
C8=100uf @ 25v

Once all the capacitors where changed the unit worked fine.  I wasn’t surprised that the capacitors had gone bad because of the heat generated by the power supply.


About wmatl

I graduated from Southern Poly in Marietta in 1989 with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. I worked repairing industrial electronics and control systems for over 15 years. Started a document scanning company with a friend in 2006. With the continuing struggling economy my involvement ended with the closing of the Marietta location in 2013. Now I am back to repairing industrial drives.
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One Response to Repair of a Channel Master D2A

  1. wmatl says:

    Update: I had to repair the unit again. I had to replace the 1uf and the 4.7uf caps on the line side of the power supply. If you want to repair one of these I would go ahead and replace all the caps including the 22uf @ 400v. I’ll plan to replace that cap as well since I had to replace all of the others.

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