Don’t Click that Link Don’t Even Think About It

If  you have been around on the net for a while you already know this.  But, if you haven’t run across your spam filter is working well.

We get email like this all the time.  The below email is typical of this kind of scam.  What they want you to do is to click on the attachment and download it.  However if you look closely at the icon you will notice that is shows a block in a clamp.  This is the icon for a ZIP file.  This is a compressed file.  Since it is compressed the contents of the ZIP file are not decompressed to be scanned fine and slips past the Virus protection.  This is useful if you are sending certain types of files that the virus scanners tend to block regardless of the nature of the file. (ie.  a patch or batch file)  In this case this is most likely malicious code.  So beware of attached files.

This is a post notification
Post notification No.72166
The company could not deliver your package to your address.Your package has been returned to the Post Express office.The reason of the return is “Error in the delivery address”
Attention!Attached to the letter mailing label contains the details of the package delivery.Please print out the invoice copy attached and collect the package at our office
Thank you,Post Express Service.

Also in light of other security breaches, such as Epsilon.  If you get an email from a company you do business with open another tab and go there directly and do not use the link in the email.  Spammers now have you email address and know which companies you do business with.  So just don’t be careful be paranoid.

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“Your A Winner” – DON’T GET RIPPED OFF

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Prepay taxes on Winnings by Wire transfer scam. Continue reading

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Internet Kill Switch.

They are at it again. They (the US Govt) wants to be able to shut the internet down in a “Cyber Emergency”. Of course they are going to reword the name to make us think that it is not the internet kill switch and it will have no provision for judicial review.

Why is the Internet Kill Switch (IKS) a bad thing. Do you do pay bills, shop, research, use VOIP, Email or any other activity that would come to a halt with the internet such as use of a Smart phone.  I have to ask what kind of a cyber emergency justifies the followng:

Shut down online banking services

Stop data transfere of businesses & individuals

Shutting down Email communication

Shutting down online commerce

Turning off VOIP and Phone services that rely on the Internet

Stop business from reordering inventory

Stop delivery of Online news content

Stop political discussion online.

This is just the tip of the very large Ice Berg.  In fact here is my challenge post a comment of what else you think will be impacted by the Govt shutting down the internet.

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Huh? Pelosi said that $1.00 of food stamps puts $1.79 back into the economy.

That’s a nice trick you spend $1.00 and it becomes a $1.79. Where do I sign up? Uh where did the 79 cents come from? That is the question. Now lets remember an important fact. The money for the Food Stamps comes from Tax revenue and additional debt the government takes on to for the program.

I have a few ideas that might explain the 79 cents.

Thought 1: The 79 cents comes from the person who is spending the food stamps. By freeing up money they would have spent on food they can pay a bill and buy other necessities with their own money. Also I figure that some of that 79cents has to account for the interest on the debt that the government had to take on to issue that $1.00 worth of Food Stamps, somebody getting paid interest.

Thought 2: That 79 cents is due to a supply and demand response due to an increase in a family’s food stamp allotment. They get more food stamps. They more and better food. Also this frees up more money in their budgets to spend on other necessities or pay a bill or two. This increase is going to cause a supply and demand response. More food is being sold so suppliers have to stock more, growers and manufactures have to step up production to meet demand. This then radiates out to their vendors and so on. The problem is that after the increase it will reach a steady state and that additional 79 cents goes away. Unless you are counting the additional money that the recipients are spending as a result of having more money.

Thought 3: Similar to Thought 2 that the 79 cents is due to a supply and demand response. As people lost their jobs or found personal incomes falling they cut back expenses everywhere they could including food. (less fresh more canned beans and cheap hotdogs.) This would have caused the demand to drop. Suppliers would cut inventory, growers and manufactures would reduce production. This would have then radiated out to their vendors and so on. Now that it appears we are nearing the bottom food stamp enrollment is going up because these people have hit rock bottom and need help. Then when they received food stamps they would then increase the food budget again. This as with the other two toughts would free up some of their money to use toward other necessities or pay a bill or two. Suppliers would then start increasing inventory, growers and manufactures would increase production and so on.

So what she is saying seems partially true when you look at it. But, food stamps is not the solution to the bad economy. The solution is jobs and better paying jobs. We are not going to get their by just putting everybody on food stamps. The answer is taking a moment to look at the small businesses and actually talk to them about what has scared them into inaction and down sizing.

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